Corporate Strategic Planning We Provide

The process of strategizing business is exciting but you are going to face uncertainty and risk. If you have come out of a large corporate environment you will no longer be able to rely on all the resources that were previously available. 

Many entrepreneurs also under-estimate the effort and time involved in preparing a business plan, and even simple tasks such as selecting the name of your company, locating office premises or obtaining business cards. To assist you, the entrepreneur, we have devised a tailor-made planning package to suit your every need.



  • Business Plans

    When it comes to raising capital, presentation is everything. The business plan we prepare will impress prospective lenders and investors making the difference between getting your project funded or rejected. The business plan you present may be the most important tool when you need funding. Some things to consider:

  • What We Supply

    We gather information, gather additional available data, critically examine the numbers (actual and projected) and thoroughly research the company and the industry. From there we develop and prepare a business plan that is accurate, concise, easily understood and exciting to read. We know what your target audience wants to see-and understand the subtle balance is in presenting a compelling plan which reflects your company’s potential.

  • Valuation

    If a valuation is necessary we look at everything from assets to intellectual property to determine, based on current market conditions, what your company is worth.

  • Road Show

    We will go on the road to present your plan to lenders, investors, etc.