Property Development

We provide Real Estate Financing (up to 100% loans) for both residential and commercial projects. Choose from flexible loan structures with minimal documentation.

International Banking

We can incorporate a GBC2 company in Mauritius with your choice of name and confirm the availability of names in advance. Learn more about the advantages.

Corporate Strategic Planning

Many entrepreneurs under-estimate the effort and time involved in preparing a business plan. To assist you, the entrepreneur, we have devised a tailor-made planning package to suit your every need.

Debt Financing

We have direct relationships with numerous International and Offshore Lenders and Investment Banking Firms ready to meet your funding needs who are free to make loans solely on the viability of your project.


Use our expertise in many areas, from valuation of your business to finding strategic partners and protecting your intellectual property.

Equity Financing

The process starts by sending us a completed Application Form and an Executive Summary of your project. We look at 5 key factors to determine your idea’s potential.

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