Equity Financing We Provide

Our evaluation consists of contacting five to ten selected Investors from our database that most likely could have an initial interest in your project. We only consider a project viable when at least 20% of the Investors we contacted show an initial interest in the possible financing.

If positive, imagine the response we expect when we have contacted hundreds of financing sources and investors.



  • Our Process

    The process starts by sending us a completed Application Form and an Executive Summary of your project and further information related to the additional documentation that is available or is to become available.

    After receiving your Application Form and Executive Summary, we look at five key factors to determine the idea’s potential.

    These five factors are:

    1. Market potential and business model
    2. Management strengths
    3. Products
    4. Customers
    5. Competition

    We require a clear, concise and complete description of the business opportunity.

  • Upon Acceptance

    Once we agree to accept your project, we will ask you to sign our standard Financial Advisory Agreement (FAA), Commission Agreement (CA), and Letter of Intent (LOI). These agreements will recite the services S.F.S. is to provide, the time frame for the assignment, the documentation that should be submitted to us and our compensation.

    Our compensation will consist of a retainer fee, based upon the amount of work required, plus a success fee of at least 3% based upon the amount of financing raised, should the project be taken to completion. 

  • Presenting Your Project For Evaluation

    Once we have received from you the signed FAA, CA, and LOI, we’ll send you our Invoice and banking details to enable you to wire the retainer fee. 

    We will then present your project to Selected Financing Sources and Companies and contact up to 500 (if necessary) Financial Institutions and Private Investors and/or up to 100 companies interested in a joint venture from our database. 

    As soon as one or more Financial Institutions and/or Private Investors and/or Companies require request detailed information, we will submit your Business Plan to them for their review.

    The prospective Investor(s) will examine your Business Plan , your team, vision, strategy and business opportunity more closely. If they are satisfied with the business model, they might wish to meet with the management team or carry out a site visit. Once they have reviewed your introduction, they would pass the proposal to the next stage of their evaluation process. 

    In most cases, they would hope to reach the Negotiation Stage within 2-8 weeks after reviewing the Business Plan. Each deal is different, so it is difficult to give a precise idea of the total process time to completion, but we estimate between 45 and 90 days. 

    Once they agreed on the terms and conditions of the deal, they enter the final due diligence stage. At this stage they complete their legal, accounting and business review in order to obtain confirmation of all the information collected in previous steps. 

    Once the due diligence is complete the terms of the deal can be finally negotiated and, once agreed by all parties, the lawyers will draw up an agreement in principle, and then the legally binding completion documents, the entrepreneur ensuring of course that he understands all the legalities included therein.